We aim to stick close to the 1862 route, deviating to avoid crowds and using refuges to remain at high altitude rather than descending to sleep like our victorian forebears. While the route was first pioneered in August, the melting of permafrost makes certain sections of the route too dangerous this late in the season. We plan to go earlier in the summer.

Our Route

TUE, JUNE 28 Zmutt, Stockji and Tsa de Tsan glaciers before crossing our first col down to the top of the Arolla Glacier Refuge des Bouquetins
WED, JUNE 29 Ascend to the Col de l'Eveque, traverse around Mont Collon and descend the Otemma Glacier Cabane de Chanrion
THUR, JUNE 30 Cross La Barme, ascend the Durand Glacier and cross the Col du Sonadon to reach the Plateau du Couloir Bivacco Musso
FRI, JULY 1 Traverse to the Col du Meitin, cross the Glacier de Corbassiere before descending to Bourg-St-Pierre via the Col des Maisons Blanches La Fouly
SAT, JULY 2 Rest and Tartiflette! La Fouly
SUN, JULY 3 Walk up to the A Neuve hut Cabane de l'A Neuve
MON, JULY 4 Cross over to the Saleinaz glacier via the three cols Cabane de Saleinaz
TUE, JULY 5 Cross the Saleinaz Glacier and walk up the southern flank of the Aiguilles Dorees before crossing the Col des Plines to reach the Plateau du Trient Cabane du Trient
WED, JULY 6 Traverse to the Glacier d'Argentiere via the Fenetre de Saleinaz and the Col du Chardonnet Refuge d'Argentiere
THUR, JULY 7 Cross the ridge of Les Courtes to reach the Talefre Glacier via the Col des Cristaux Refuge du Couvercle
FRI, JULY 8 Short traverse to overlook the Leschaux Glacier and Les Grandes Jorasses Refuge de Leschaux
SAT, JULY 9 Walk down the Leschaux Glacier to the top of the Mer de Glace then ascend the Vallee Blanche and the Glacier du Geant Rifugio Torino
SUN, JULY 10 Helbronner traverse to the Aiguille du Midi CHAMONIX!


Insofar as is possible, we have tried to stick to the spirit of what our victorian predecessors were trying to achieve - a 'high level aesthetically pleasing route' away from tourists and as direct as possible. Where we have deviated significantly from the 1862 route this is for one of three reasons:-

The quality of Gardien Olivier's cooking at the Cabane du Trient and the coffee and fruit tarts at the Rifugio Torino run by Gardien Armand may also have influenced our decision.